Sanjay Kapoor: When signing something in OTT, it is based solely on talent | Internet series

Sanjay Kapoor is currently involved in the glory of his latest web show. Fame game, In which he starred opposite Madhuri Dixit Nene. He shares that the reactions were “unbelievable”.

“There are more of them too. I get messages from all over the world, from people I know for years. They went to different parts of the world and said that the show was number one there. The work we do, something about it (the work we do) will be great when it finally hits the bull,” says Kapoor.

The work he has done on the internet so far has paid off. It all started with the set Lust Stories (2018), In which his faction was directed by Dibakar Banerjee. It received rave reviews for him, primarily because he agreed to step down from any role he had played in the past.

Even though it’s been on the show for decades now, it’s amazing to get a share of it Fame game This is not easy for a 56-year-old.

“The producers wanted Madhuri to play someone in her age range as her husband. Sri Rao, the creator was in New York and we did our video calling meetings. Finally, he came to Mumbai and finalized me. I immediately got that character not a cakewalk. He wanted to meet me and spend time with me, ”he reveals.

So, how differently he sees this change – from the time producers wait for cast approval, producers finalize an actor in OTT. Kapoor was a part of such films Frame (1995) and Mission Mangal (2019), says today, 90 percent of the roles are auditioned.

“Acting is very important, especially for OTT. It has nothing to do with stellar power, but whether you can deliver good. That’s the most important thing. That’s why it’s so good to sign something in OTT. You know you’re not acting because of a certain value or something. Talent is enough, “Kapoor tells us.

The first audition he had to give The Last HourDirected by Amit Kumar, he played the role of a policeman.

He recalled, “I have worked for 25 years until then. Amit said, ‘I wanted to see how you are as a cop, are you good at auditioning?’ I said ok because I wanted to work with him. I got that role after the first audition. It’s happening in Hollywood too, even the big stars have to audition. That’s fair, not that they doubt talent. They basically want to see if you fit the character or not.

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