Sana Kapoor and Mayang Bahwa get married: The bride shared the first pictures, brother Shahid Kapoor posed with Meera Rajput | Bollywood

Sana Kapoor has shared the first pictures of her marriage with Mayang Bahwa. The actor-daughter, who is the daughter of actor-couple Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Padak, is married to Mayank Pahwa, son of actor-assistant director Mayang Pahwa and actors Manoj Pahwa and Seema Pahwa. The wedding took place on Wednesday, March 2 in Mahabaleshwar. The couple joined their families for the event, and several pictures from pre-wedding ceremonies were shared on social media the day before. Also Read: Shahid, Meera fall in love with Sana at wedding, Misha and Jain pose for pictures

Sana Kapoor shared her wedding day photos on her Instagram account on Wednesday night. The bride wore a light blue lehenga, to which she was paired with a matching dupatta and orange-red blouse, while the groom wore a patterned black kurta and jacket. Sana captioned the post with a simple heart emoji.

The first picture showed them looking at each other with a smile on their face, while the second picture showed them standing under a gazebo as Mayang leaned over to kiss Sana. In this post the couple received many congratulatory messages in which the bride’s brother-in-law Meera Rajput commented, “Congratulations” and added many red heart emojis.

Meera also shared some photos of the wedding on her Instagram account. She has shared a picture of herself and her husband Shahid Kapoor dressed up for the wedding, with a heartfelt caption to it. For the wedding Shahid wore a jacket with a black kurta and white pajamas, while Mira wore an ivory lehenga style sari.

She also shared pictures of their outfits on Instagram stories. Meera, who posted a close-up of Shahid’s jacket, wrote, “Details I like.” She also shared a picture of herself posing on the stairs in her dress, while her son Jane photographed her with his doll. “Mom look at my car,” she wrote. He also posted a picture of hands wearing henna.

Meera Rajput shared photos of the event on Instagram Stories.
Meera Rajput shared photos of the event on Instagram Stories.

In one of the photos shared by Meera, she showed a napkin with a sticker containing the names of the bride and groom. Another photo showed Sana and Mayang standing under the gazebo for their wedding.

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