Samantha Ruth shares a quote on ‘Shame and Divorce’ from Lord Will Smith’s book, calling it a ‘fascinating’ reading

Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares quote from Hollywood actor and comedian Will Smith on “Failure, Loss, Shame, Divorce and Death”. Will Smith’s lines are from his autobiography, Will. Samantha has previously spoken about the setback she faced online after announcing her divorce from actor Naga Chaitanya last year.

On Thursday, Samantha Will shared a quote, “Over the past thirty years, like us, 1 person has faced failure, loss, humiliation, divorce and death. My life is threatened, my money is taken away, my privacy is occupied, my family is shattered – and every day, get up, mix concrete, lay another brick, no matter what you do. Another brick sits in front of you, waiting to be laid. The only question is, are you going to get up and go to bed? ”

Samantha Samantha Ruth shared Will Smith's quote.
Samantha Samantha Ruth shared Will Smith’s quote.

In a separate Instagram story, Samantha further wrote: “Work hard, learn from your setbacks, think for yourself, refresh yourself, and never give up. Oh, and the sense of humor helps. What a beautiful and fascinating book, Will. “

Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares a picture of Will Smith's book.
Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares a picture of Will Smith’s book.

In October last year, Samantha and Saitanya announced their separation in a joint statement in which they stated that they had “decided to separate as husband and wife to go their own way.” A few days later, he lashed out at the troll attacks on his character and dismissed false rumors about his affair and abortion.

During a conversation with Film Companion, Samantha mentioned that she was getting bad reviews about her divorce. He said he was grateful for the love he received and understood that people would be disappointed if his comments and actions did not match theirs. “Yes, they’re going to troll and abuse you, but there’s differences of opinion even between friends and family, right?” She asked. He said he did not expect ‘unconditional acceptance’ but should have expressed disappointment in the best possible way.

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Samantha will soon begin filming with Downton Abbey director Philip John for a project called Arrangements of Love. He will next be seen in Kadhuvakula Rendu Kadhal and Sakunthalam.

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