Samantha Ruth Prabhu scolds women for their ‘hemlines and necklines’, is this in support of Deepika Padukone?

Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu on Saturday slammed those who value women on the basis of their dress, race and appearance. Taken to Instagram stories, Samantha asked if judgments on women could be stopped ‘on the basis of hemlines and necklines’. Putting one person’s ideals on another ‘never did anyone any good’, he said. For the background of her Instagram stories, Samantha has added pictures of herself in a green dress. (Read more | Lord Samantha Ruth smiles as Varun Dhawan tells paparazzi ‘Kyun Tara Rahe Ho’ and carefully takes her to his car. See)

Lord Samantha Ruth wrote, “As a woman, I know firsthand what it means to be judged. Women’s dress, their race, education, social status, appearance, skin color and the list goes on. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

“Now we are in 2022- can we stop evaluating a woman based on the hemlines and necklines she wears and focus on improving ourselves? Turning that judgment inward and self-educating is evolutionary! It does no good to anyone else … a person (red heart emoji) We will slowly rewrite the way we measure and understand, “he added.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared a post.
Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared a post.

Recently, Samantha shared several pictures of herself in a dark green dress with a train. She opted for a knit hairstyle paired with a slip-on dress that had a neckline falling off, paired with black heels. I don’t know if his new post is a reaction to any bad comments on his photos.

Samantha’s ‘Hemlines’ post came a few months after a scuffle between actress Deepika Padukone and social media influencer Freddie Bird over her outfits. In January, Freddie shared a post, talking about the costumes worn by female actors during Kehryan commercials. It said, “Bollywood’s Newton’s rule. Clothes will get smaller as the Kehriyan release date approaches.” Part of the title is also written, “Necklines and Hemlines Kehriyan”.

Later, Deepika shared a note on her Instagram story, “Scientists say the universe is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention fools.” Although it is not clear whether Deepika spoke about Freddie, the influencer shared the story on his own account. “Deepika Padukone’s first fake opinion in her entire life,” he wrote.

Samantha currently has several plans, including an awesome romance on guard. He co-stars with Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara in the theatrical release on April 28. He is also a part of the legendary film Shakuntala. She was last seen in a special dance called Pushpa: The Rise.

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