Samantha Ruth Prabhu recalls how Nandini Reddy once helped her: ‘You came every day’

Samantha Ruth Prabhu congratulates her friend and director Nandini Reddy on her birthday in a heartfelt note. He describes Nandini as his ‘Ride or Die’.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu congratulated her friend and director Nandini Reddy on her birthday on social media on Friday. Samantha wrote a long, heartfelt note for Nandini in which she described how the director helped her at a low point several years ago and helped the actor regain his confidence. Nandini Reddy has directed Samantha in two films- Zabardast (2013) and Oh! Baby (2019). (read more: Samantha, who has been in the film industry for 12 years: ‘I hope my love for cinema never ends’)

Samantha, who shared a carousel post of honest pictures of the two of them on her Instagram feed, congratulated Nandini on her birthday. “Happy Birthday my dear friend, ந்துNanduretti! Your innate kindness is your magnificence. You inspire me,” he wrote.

Actor Nandini recounted an incident that took place many years ago when he was helped. He wrote, “I remember like yesterday, it was 2012, I was sick, my self-confidence was so low. I was reluctant to go to work. You came to check-in every day. On me, set aside time from your packed schedule. Planning a test shoot with me gave me hope back and I will never forget how I got back to work the next day and I can only say one more thing: you’re been on my back. ! “

The actor added a few more words of praise to the screenwriter-director, who said he was an inspiration to him. “You encourage me to be a best friend every day. Thank you for trusting me and always having it (100% emoji)! There is nothing better than being the best you can be in the coming year,” she concluded.

Nandini is currently directing the film Manji Sakunamule starring Santosh Shoban. Samantha, on the other hand, was recently spotted at a special dance on last year’s blockbuster Pushpa: The Rise. He will next be seen in the Tamil film Kaathu Vakkula Rendu Katha and the Telugu titles Sakunthalam and Yashoda. All three are expected to be released this year.

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