Samantha Ruth Prabhu jumps to her knees in her stylist ” epic failure ‘attempt and bursts out laughing

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has shared a video of her sweating in the gym. As her coach Junaid Sheikh cheered her on with encouraging words, she performed knee squat jumps. “Solid, Sam. It’s time we push. Come on, let’s go. ”To hear him say that, she was half done.

Samantha exercised wearing a black sports bra and matching tights. He posted the video on Instagram, asking it to empower his fans through a fitness challenge. “Kickstart your 2022 with the ‘level-up’ challenge of these equipments and feel the burning. When my coach @ junaid.shaikh88 challenges me … I challenge you … we will #level upchallenge it,” he wrote.

Kiara Advani dropped a fire emoji in that post. The fans also showered love. While one called her the strongest woman, another said, “Queen things.” One Instagram user was inspired by Samantha’s video and said, “Inspiration! I’m going to try this today. I hope I can reach 5!

Samantha also tried to challenge her team members. Her hairdresser Rohit Bhatkar understood it right on the first try and could hear her cheering him on, “Attapai! Look. “Her makeup artist Avni Rambia did not succeed. She managed to jump and squat before falling backwards with a smile.

Lord Samantha Ruth tried her team on the knee jump squad challenge.
Lord Samantha Ruth tried her team on the knee jump squad challenge.

However, Samantha’s stylist Pritam Jugalkar was not able to successfully complete even a knee jump squat. I could hear her laughing in the background as he finally gave up and started to twist.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu's stylist Pritam Jugalkar's attempt was an 'epic failure'.
Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s stylist Pritam Jugalkar’s attempt was an ‘epic failure’.

Samantha recently performed her first special dance with actor Allu Arjun in the film Pushpa: The Rise. His song O Andawa Woo Andawa was very well received by the fans. In an Instagram post, he thanked them for their love, and said that when he played different roles in his film, being sexy was ‘the next level of hard work’.

“I played well, I played badly, I had fun, I was serious, I was also the host of the chat show. I work very hard to get the best out of everything I take but being sexy is the next stage of hard work. Pew, thank you for loving #ooantavaooooantava,” he said. Wrote.

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Samantha will soon make her international debut with the film The Arrangements of Love, directed by Philip John, including Downton Abe. In an Instagram post, he said he auditioned for the film for the first time in 12 years and ‘felt the same tension’. Expressing his excitement to be a part of this project, he said he would ‘jump with joy’ to be selected for the role.

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