Samantha receives love from Lord Ruth Prabhu’s O Andava Swara Bhaskar: ‘Loving item number criticizes women’s objectivity’

Pushpa: Swara Bhaskar fell in love with Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s special song in The Rise, O Andawa, in which she said that she was ‘tripping’. Swara praised not only its message – ‘criticizing the objectification of women’ – but also Samantha’s dance moves.

“I know I’re late for this party! But tripping on #OohAntava from the movie #Pushpa ‘… what a song, such a trippy composition! Wanting an item number that critiques the objectivity of women !!! Emojis), ”he wrote on Twitter.

O Andawa is Samantha’s first special dance. The song received rave reviews from many, including Kriti Sanon, who wrote “Like this song @samantharuthprabhuoffl, you are on fire” on Instagram stories.

Thanking everyone for their love on the Instagram post, Samantha said that being glamorous is the ‘next phase of hard work’ when testing different roles in her career. “I played well, I played badly, I had fun, I was serious, I was also the host of the chat show. I work very hard to get the best out of everything I take but being sexy is the next stage of hard work. Pew, thank you for loving #ooantavaooooantava,” he said. Wrote.

Pushpa: The Rise, starring Allu Arjun in the lead role, is the highest grossing Indian film of 2021. The Hindi-dubbed version of Spider-Man: No Way Home and 83 did surprisingly well at the box office despite stiff competition. The sequel Pushpa: The Rule is in the works.

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Recently, Samantha praised Allu Arjun’s performance in Pushpa: The Rise and dedicated a ‘compliment post’ to him. “This is a @alluarjunonline compliment post !!! A performance that captivated you … was every second (fire emojis). I’m always, always inspired, if an actor is so good, I can never look back … … really, really inspired, ”he wrote.

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