Saloni Kaur who mimicked Kangana Ranaut: Whipped me twice | Internet series

Content creator talks about confronting trolls who believe they would not have an identity without actress Kangana Ranaut; She says she will not be in the cradle if people choose her

Content creator Saloni Kaur is best known for her role as Nasma Abi, who is known for taking everything popular in the socio-political context as humor and satire. Over the years, Kaur has evolved into a social media sensation for her live comedy. Actress Kangana Ranaut has played other roles in the film.

The comic tells us, “We haven’t met but Kangana knows about it (my rendition). He lashes out at me twice on social websites. But it was good. I really enjoyed what she wrote (laughs). I respect her for her acting skills; She is wonderful. I do not care what she says because it is her personal belief system.

Kaur was often confronted by trolls who said he would not have a sign if they were not Ranawath. Speaking about it, he said, “I can stop these videos any day, any minute. I can follow her, but I’m the one calling the scenes from writing scripts. People know me by Nasma Abhi. If people troll me in a fun way, I do not care. I’m not a bully if people choose me. Itna Bahot Review To Salta Hai. ”

Last month, the 22-year-old made her acting debut on a web show called Campus Tires. For her, it was an opportunity to break her image as a comedian. “It simply came to our notice then. I did a satire show before. My paintings have also been humorous. I never saw people doing anything other than comedy. When I found out I was playing a serious character who was rebellious, I thought it would be challenging. I hope to get more opportunities to act now, ”concludes Kaur, who is preparing a film.

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