Saleem Merchant: The budget was worrisome, so we funded the singles ourselves

Composer-singer Saleem Merchant had a serious illness, not because he did not compose music, but because he was not free to shoot music videos for singles he co-produced with his brother Suleiman Merchant. Since the Saleem-Suleiman duo have not had any shows in the last two years of the epidemic, they used the time to fulfill their long-held dream of creating independent music under their own label. “Every song was a reflection of our feelings. This phase gave us time to complete tracks that had not been completed with me for a long time. Working on singles has become a nightmare for me, and every week I create a new song, ”says Saleem, 47.

After finishing the singles, the two used every unlocked opportunity to shoot videos. “The only challenge was filming the videos because of the restrictions that Covid-19 brought in,” Saleem says, highlighting another area of ​​concern. “The budget was a concern because we funded the singles ourselves. During Lockdown, we did not know when or where our revenue would come from. But there was a saving and we decided to go for it. We got a satisfaction and relief when we spent that money on filming music videos. , ”Says Saleem.

Listen Chuck! India (2007) I felt different from film music if the composer was working on independent music, and Saleem says, “Suleiman and I have been making independent music since 2013. I have never felt any difference between film and non-film music, even for movies., We created a lot of indie songs, for example. Ainwai Ainwai (Band Baja Bharat; 2010) has such an indie vibe.

While many artists pinch about the monopoly that brought the epidemic, it is a different story for Saleem. He shares that this is a learning phase, “The fact that the epidemic lasted so long gave us time to make more music. Empowered us in that sense. I learned the importance of being consistent, pushing myself into the creative world, disconnecting myself from watching movies or shows, and making music.

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