Saiyasha Shinde of Lock Up once recalled a woman touching her feet: ‘Suna hai aapki dua com ati hai’ | Internet series

Saisha Shinde opened up about her journey for change and recalled that her family was very supportive. However, he faced some negative reactions from the first three psychiatrists he met. Saiyasha spoke on the latest episode of the reality show Lock Up. Kangana Ranaut is the host of the show which is being produced by Ekta Kapoor. (Also Read: Lock Up: Munawar trolls Red by comparing himself to Iron Man Thanos)

Saysha recalls how the first three psychiatrists she met advised her against surgery. So the first three psychiatrists told me, ‘Ye tum kya kar rahe ho (what are you doing), this is wrong. You are so brave and beautiful, you don’t have to go through this. This is a phase, ye do nikal jeega (this phase will pass). Alternative Therapy P Ban Karwa Rahe Hain (Transplantation will be banned soon) ”

Saisha also said that once a maid entered the lift while going somewhere dressed in anarchy. “It was during my early transition that I felt so bad about it. The maid said ‘Suna hai aploko ki duai bahut com ati hai (I heard your blessings)’ and then she touched my feet. For a transgender, she was coming as a woman It’s very important. I’m just like that, she knows, she’s not aware of what I’m done or achieved in life. People have never seen us in a situation like this, in fact, they have not been given such opportunities.

However, Saiyasha also shared that her family was very supportive. “Dad was happy and very supportive. Mom took a day to think about it, but finally accepted it. A day later, they called me and suggested names for me. I was so lucky, they accepted my decision with respect. I was invited. At a relative’s wedding. At the wedding. , The whole hall turned to look at me. They all greeted me very warmly. My uncle took his daughter and clicked pictures with me. I was truly blessed. “

Saiyasha is a designer and has worked with many including Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Sunny Leone, Bhoomi Bednekar and Shraddha Kapoor. She is also the designer who designed the gown that Harnas Kaur wore to the finals at Miss Universe 2021.

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