Saiyasha Shinde apologizes to Kangana Ranaut after being kicked out of lock-up: ‘Take me back …’ | Internet series

Saiyasha Shinde apologized to Kangana Ranaut after she was kicked out of the lock-up and asked Kangana to be allowed on the show again.

Last week, Lockup viewers saw a shocking exit. After TV actor Chetan Hansraj was expelled from the show, fashion designer Saiyasha Shinde walked out of the show for misbehaving with host Kangana Ranaut. On Thursday, Saiyasha shared a series of pictures of Kangana on her Instagram handle and wrote a long apology for him. (read more: Lock Up: Saisha Shinde, watching the contestants mix her names, says to Karanveer Bohra: ‘Imagine I called you her’)

He wrote, “Dear Kangana / Kangana fans, this is for you. On the show I affectionately called Kangana “K”. I have worked with K many times and my gowns and dresses have gone to her on many occasions for red carpet looks, songs and promotions. In the history of professional contact with him, he and Ekta were one of the main reasons I progressed to the show because strong empowered women encouraged me and made me a better woman myself. This show has changed my life and I do not want to leave the show.

He admitted that he was not invited to his behavior with Kangana and how he wants to come back to the show. He said, “The attitude of respect is unacceptable and I was not invited to Kangana as it was. She has always been giving pure advice and guidance and I hope she will find in my heart to accept my forgiveness and take me back to the show I hope I will win. Kangana knows the struggle of being an opinionated woman, for which I know she will always support me as she gives voice to many who have no voice, so this is a heartfelt apology to Kangana and her fans.

In another part of the post, he said, “But in the end I insulted you … I’m sorry for that, because I wanted everything I wanted to be your version as you said in the beginning. The show should be your response. If you make a mistake, accept it and do not be ashamed to apologize. My mom has always taught me and I hope you invite me back to the show and let me show you what I can really do.

Saiyasha was expelled from the show for insulting Kangana and Karanveer Bohra for behaving politely in jail. But Saiyasha, who has lost her temper, has said she will not apologize to Kangana. “If you want me to apologize to you, I can not, because I do not think wrong. He told her to quit being a contestant on the show. To which Saiyasha replied, “Let them be brought here.”

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