Saisha Shinde of Lock Up jealous of Anjali Aurora: ‘I do not like her holding Munawar Farooqi’s hand’ | Internet series

Saiyasha Shinde, who admitted her feelings to fellow contestant Munawar Farooqi, said she feels bad now that Munawar is avoiding getting close to her, but Anjali Arora is holding her hands and chatting casually. Kangana Ranaut is the host of the reality show Lock Up, which streams online on Alt Balaji and MX Player. (Also Read: Lock Up: Gives Sarah Ali A Reality Check And Says She Has No Job In The TV Industry)

In the latest episode of Lock Up, Munawar tells Saisha Karanveer that he is trying to avoid himself. “He wants to (express his feelings), but he’s afraid it will affect his game and the continuity of the fans.” When asked by Karanveer why he thinks his fan following will be affected, Saiyasha added, “He is in this position na, he’s like how do I want a transgender? ‘ For example, Sarah Khan (talking to Ali Merchant) was not interested, but here (in the case of Saisha and Munawar), it was neither interested nor interested.

She added, “In between may be all the things I said. It’s not like he did not realize about me, you know, he really did not stop me. He likes it. I do not know.

In Sunday’s episode, host Kangana Ranaut told Saisha, “There is a lot of hot gossip going on outside and a hashtag is trending. The hashtag ‘Munjali’. Are there any guesses about the whole format? ”Saisha guessed it would be a nod and a tribute, and added,“ I felt that way. I know, I’m often teased. But they are good friends, nothing more than that. I seek inspiration from their friendship. They stand against each other. “

Earlier, Saiyasha had told Sara that she had feelings for Munawar. “I (Munawar have a tenderness) I feel for him. It’s not my fault if I make a decision with him in mind, because it will only be one way, it will never happen. Two ways. Who should I go to and share my feelings with? I can not,” he said. She said.

Saiyasha added, “No one knows. No one can know, no one should know. It hurts because I know there is nothing.”

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