Sahad Khanna: Female actors suffer professionally after marriage due to lack of good jobs

The actor talks about married and divorced women being the same, and says that he is still chasing good work across television, movies and the internet.

About a year ago, actor Sahad Khanna, a single mother of two daughters, Sohar and Amira, came asking for work on social media. Although he has received a few music videos in recent times, that post has not been translated as meaningful work for him.

Speaking to us, she says, “I could not find the job I was looking for; I’m still looking. I do not care about doing any kind of good work on any site like TV, movie or internet.

Khanna, who has faced two divorces in the past, believes that the entertainment business is also linked to a lack of work, as it has the potential to justify and equate actors. “Female actors should be affected professionally after marriage and motherhood. And being a divorcee adds another layer. It bothers me sometimes. Things are changing now, but we have a long way to go, ”he said.

But Kubool Hai and Prasad (2019) are the labels that often come in the way of a woman annoying the actor. “It is strange to call a woman with children a woman, but if you have an adult who does not have a child, she will be referred to as a woman. It annoys me so much. It also reflects the work that comes your way, ”he says.

The actor, who has been married for the first time in his 20s, admits that raising two growing daughters is not a cakewalk. She often wonders why she got married so soon. “The pressure to raise my daughters myself is still there, and it always will be. But I think whatever happens will make it better. I try to look at the positive side… If I had not been married, Zohar and Amira would not have been with me, ”she concludes.

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