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Disney + Hotstar’s Rudra: The Edge of Darkness is a well-acted and beautifully directed thriller series directed by Ajay Devgan. He plays the harsh, slick and urban version of his various super cop roles from Gangajal to Lion. Devgan is still pulling criminals out of the car with collars, but this time the cars did not fly. (Read more: The Great Indian Murder Review: Dikmanshu Tulia presents a winner full of wonderful dialogues and joy)

Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, the series is a true remake of the popular BBC crime series Luther. Idris plays a British detective named Elba, whose criminal thinking and interest in bending the rules help him find the most perverted criminals on television in less than an hour. The episodes of Rudra are long and closely follow the map set by Neil Cross, created by Luther.

There is a major change in how Devgan plays the title character. While Elba’s John Luthor was a tumultuous and loud man, Devgan’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudraveer Singh was lazy. Devgan is fantastic in roles that allow him to speak his quiet masculinity; The company, Omkara and the recently released Ganguly Katiyawadi are some examples. As Rudra, Devgan smokes. He does not use five expressions when he is working with someone, and it is very relevant to the character. In one episode, his wife Shyla (Isha Deol Daktan) announces that she has “met someone”. Devgan does not move the muscle on his face, but he expresses the change of emotions beautifully.

But, Devgan is a bit awkward in scenes where he has to express his grief-related pain out loud. For this he is too dull.

Six episodes chase after Rudra’s turbulent personal life, including his estranged wife and her new good boy boyfriend Rajiv (Satyadeep Misra), at least two of whom are mentally ill and one may have been sexually abused by his father. .

The chemical between Rudra and Master Criminal Alia (Rashi Kanna) increases the sexual current in the series. The heart of their slow-burning chemistry series. Devgan and Kanna are very well together and this is one of the two reasons why I would love to see it when the second season comes out.

Rashi Kanna in Rudra: The Edge of Darkness.
Rashi Kanna in Rudra: The Edge of Darkness.

Another reason is the visualized gallery. Rudra: The Edge of Darkness feels more Western than the first season of Luther. This is incredible style. Mabuskar’s movement is very restricted. No fancy cuts or unwanted special effects. The scenes move at breakneck speed. (Editing Andhra Lahiri). The lens of cinematographer Sanjay K Memone, casting a repressive darkness over the series, was the best experience in the opening shot of an episode. The first five minutes of the series feel like it could be a Batman movie. The background music of Tapas Relia is good. Ananya Birla excels in the opening theme.

Most of the actors are in excellent form and Devgan and Khanna are scene-thieves. Atul Kulkarni, Ashwini Kalsekar, Ashish Vidyarthi and Tarun Kahlot excel in their careers as Rudra’s colleagues. Satyadeep Misra is very nice as a slightly gentle, trouble-free lover who always feels threatened by Rudra‚Äôs luxury.

The most exciting supporting shows come from the cast. KC Shankar, who has been in the role for his memorable performances back and forth in Rocket Boys, Loop Lapetta and Myth, is a fantastic superstar painter here. Hemant Kerr excels in a very sad and scary role. Luke Kenny creeps in predictably after the sacred games.

I have two issues with Rudra: The Edge of Darkness.

One, the writers (screenwriters Ishan Trivedi, Abbas Talal and Hussain Talal; dialogue writers Jai Sheila Bansal, Chirac Mahabal and Kagan Singh Sethi) did not really Indianize the subject. Rudra’s story can take place in many places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. None other than the Marathi-speaking guards indicated the location of the change.

That aside, no cultural flavor emerges from this series, which you can not say about other OTT crime big things like Sacred Games, Patal Lok or the recently released The Great Indian Murder.

My second issue is how women and their bodies are constantly lined up for men’s games throughout season one. The female body figure of the series is amazing. But this is not the fault of Indian creators. It comes from Luther himself. In Season Two, I hope the writers will accept the challenge of creating something better than Luther, and that cannot be solved by safe, loyal adaptation.

Rudra: The edge of darkness
Director: Rajesh Mapuskar
actors: Ajay Devgan, Rashi Khanna, Isha Deol Takhtani and others

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