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Twenty years after the release of Ross (2002), director Vikram Bhatt looks back on his time directing the film and recalls that “no one believed in the mini-film”. He says, “Everyone thought I was doing something wrong. The horror movies we saw before Ross, unfortunately turned out to be a B-grade movie. People thought we were making the same kind of film. A great producer came up to me and said, ‘Kya yaar, tu flop hero aur ajnabee (2001) ki vamp ke chaat pixar pana raha hai!’

Its lead actors Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu Singh Grover are not the first choices of the film. Butt reveals that it was first given to actor Anil Kapoor, who refused to star in a horror film, and that actress Lisa Ray filmed a part of the film: “After working with Lisa in Kasur (2001), he was the first choice for Ross. But due to some personal issues he was not able to act in the film. After that we suffered from the absence of the heroine. When Dino came in, he said, ‘Why not try my girlfriend Bipasha? She is beautiful! ‘ But I did not hear her name.

He continues, “We met her, and the first time we described the picture to her, she fell off the couch. It made me realize that she is definitely Ross’ heroine. In one story, if she fell off the sofa, I thought she was definitely right for Sanjana.

Speaking about how Ross made him famous and worked as a game changer in his career, Butt said, “It pushed me down the path of making horror films, and I’m still making them. This helped me to find my type. I was always looking for a film that only I could produce. In the life of every filmmaker, there comes a film that they are hard to beat. Ross gave me that picture. It is a symbol of honor. It is still remembered. People are still talking about scenes and songs. In a way, it’s a bigger hit than Ghulam (1998). “

He lauded the success of the film, including producer Mahesh Bhatt, composer Nadeem-Shravan and actors including Malini Sharma and Ashutosh Rana. Recalling the day the hit movie hit theaters, the director said, “I was in a deep sleep when Butt Chap called me. He said, ‘Teri taktir jak rahi hai aur tu so raha hai’. He said the show house was full at six in the morning. I said something must have gone wrong (laughs). It opened wonderfully. Elijah Kazan (American filmmaker) Audiences are like hounds; They can smell like a good movie. We could not have imagined that Ross would be such a huge hit; We know we’re doing something right. ”

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