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Filmmaker Roshan Gary Binder is set to shoot his next project in Lucknow and its environs.

Filmmaker Roshan Gary Binder is set to shoot his next project in and around Lucknow. Title Cipher It was initially planned to be a movie, but now it will be taken as his first full-length OTT series, which will run next season.

“I have already been to Lucknow and got to know the structure and feel of the city. The story fits in well with the vibes of the city in terms of youth, its structure, colors, tastes and rural setting, which plays an important role in the series, ”says Binder.

Inspired by the background of the film Ishaqjade, Filmed in Lucknow, he decided to shoot in the city. “In our story Shayari, the Nawabs’ speeches, high and low, old world charm and modernity and all these elements of this city.

Binder wrote the story of composer Tabu Malik. “We wrote it as a movie a long time ago and then it was not set in Lucknow. But when we thought of turning it into a series of 6-7 episodes with newly created characters, we all knew it had to be here, somewhere else. The story has an open end, So we want it to go on for a second season, ”he says, adding that Malik is also working on composing the project and they are now planning to come to town for the season.

In Binder has directed programs such as the New Year TV show Calendar Girls with several short films and series. Jasmine Joshi, Room friends, Clever maid, Manohar Kahanian And Dating My X..

“I have directed many music videos including Uska Hai Rang Tera Rang It features 99 artists from the TV industry Tum Complaint Lo With Mika Singh. Besides, I have also written another film to direct, where Malik co-produces and composes music. Since January, I have shot 12 short films on different channels and look forward to setting a record in this space, ”he signs.

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