Rocky Sawant’s ex-husband Riteish warns him not to meet on any reality show, he says ‘Stop your drama’

Rocky Sawant’s husband Riteish has threatened the actor and told him to avoid meeting him on a reality show. His intimidation came after Rocky spoke about the rumors that he appeared on Kangana Ranaut’s new reality show Lock Up. (Read more: Former Riteish Singh of Rocky Sawant responds to rumors of being a Big Boss cameraman)

Riteish shared the link of the video and the photo of Rocky’s death on his Instagram, “Rocky ji a simple advice, pls of wish karo ke kisi game show me mare samne na aap. 15K Ek Wild Card Ka Kya Hall Kaya Tha, Yaat Hoga (Please do not let us face each other in any reality show. You will not be afraid to go to any reality show.I hope you remember what I did with a wild card entry in Big Boss 15 so. !! “

Commenting on “Stop your play” Rocky wrote, “Don’t use my picture right away” and released several angry emojis.

Earlier, Rocky Sawant was asked if he had seen Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up and he said he had not seen it. He was also asked why Riteish was not seen on the show. Rocky says, “He’s an idiot. He’s been paid so much. He only says, ‘I’m not going to leave my business and go to any shows. I’m already sorry for my Big Boss stint.’ Imagine, he’s telling me this! He was paid so much just to make fun of me.

Then she added, “No one can make fun of me, even if I am my ex-husband or current husband. Only I can make fun of myself. Can you imagine someone doing that? I challenge, come and make fun of me. So they (the makers of Lock Up) got my ex-husband and wanted to expose me by making fun of me. Forgive me! He knows better, and if he does something I can return the same help.

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