Rocky Sawant, who posed with Riteish after leaving Big Boss 15, asked the paparazzi, ‘How is my husband?’

Rocky Sawant and her husband Riteish were spotted together outside her gym on Wednesday. Rocky was kicked out of the Big Boss 15.

Actress Rocky Sawant was spotted by paparazzi outside her gym in Mumbai on Wednesday. Expelled from Big Boss 15 on Tuesday, she posed for photos with her husband Riteish.

Rocky, in an orange tracksuit, was seen with a drink in hand. She and Riteish relaxed as they posed for the paparazzi. She asked the photographers, “Kaisa hai mera pati (how is my husband)?” He asked. This is the first time the paparazzi have seen them together. For years, Riteish hid his identity from the media and revealed himself as Rocky’s co-rival in the recent season of Big Boss.

“Ekdum kadak (very cold)” the paparazzi told her singularly. They also called them a good couple. Trying to keep the mood fresh, Rocky asked, “Six Pack Banan Hain, Gym Cup Join Groove (You Have to Do Six Pack Abs. When Will You Join the Gym)?” Riteish asked jokingly. Like her from the next day, they would not go to the gym together and told him to get six pack ABS like Umar Riyaz while he was in India.

The day before, Rocky was spotted alone by a photographer outside his gym. He told her he was kicked out of the show Tuesday night.

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Recently on the episode of Big Boss 15, he talked about his marriage with Rocky Riteish and the fact that they are not really married. Speaking of her marriage, Rocky was emotional and said, “Logan ki bharat ati hai, mehndi lakti hai, pere lakte hai. Mera Isa Kuch Pee Nahi Hua. Mere liye kisi ne ladka b nahi deka, kuch nahi hua, lekin maine bandh kamre me ek shaadi curli (People get married with fanfare, but I did not. No one was looking for a groom for me. I got married in a locked room).

After being kicked out of the show, Riteish told the Hindustan Times that he was actually legally married to someone else. Wife Snikta Priya has said she does not want to divorce him.

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