Rocky Sawant on separation with husband Riteish: ‘I can not do injustice to a woman and a child’ | Bollywood

Actress Rocky Sawant has spoken openly about her husband Riteish, a day after she announced her split on social media. In a new interview, Rocky said that Riteish is in legal trouble and has lost money in his business. He said he no longer wanted to live with her following that. He also told about how the actor met Riteish.

A day before Valentine’s Day on Sunday, Rocky Sawant announced his separation from Riteish. She said she did not know about some things that were beyond her control. He said in his statement that the actor was ‘really sad and heartbroken’. Rocky introduced Riteish as her husband in Big Boss 15.

In an interview with the Times of India, Rocky cried, “He left me! I loved him so much, he left me. A few weeks ago after the Big Boss show, we started living together at my house in Mumbai, but yesterday he packed his bag. He took the bags and left. He said that he was in legal trouble because he did not divorce his first wife and now he wants to lose money in his business. He did a lot of research after he entered the Big Boss house with me. My heart sank when I found out I had a baby. A woman can not do injustice. And a baby. She left me and I understand the fact that everything is over. “

Recalling their meeting, Rocky said, “We joined through WhatsApp and we chatted for almost 6 months. He then sent me his locations, bank account details and other things, I trusted him. He proposed marriage and I married him three years ago because I wanted someone in my life too. Later when it was revealed that I was getting married, they did not want to believe me. So I persuaded Riteish to come with me to the Big Boss house. I love him so much and I will forgive him for everything. If he gets divorced and wants to come back to me, he should know that I am waiting for him. But if he is happy with his wife and children, God will bless them. But for me marriage and love are not jokes.

Rocky also said that his marriage to Riteish in July 2019 was not legal as he had not divorced his first wife. Talking about his family, he said that his mother and brother came to his place when they heard the news. He said they were ‘very sad’ and ‘should know more about him before contacting Riteish’.

In his statement, Rocky said, “Dear fans and well-wishers, I would like to say that Riteish and I have decided to split up. A lot has happened since the Big Boss show and I do not know some things. My control. I think we both enjoy our lives separately. “

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He added, “It should happen before Valentine’s Day, but I’m so sad and upset that the decision has to be made. I want Riteish to be better in life, but for me, at this point in life, I need to focus. My work and my life And keep me happy and healthy. Thank you for always understanding and supporting me! – Rocky Sawant. ”

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