Rocky Sawant criticizes Big Boss for treating himself every season: ‘They use me like a tissue, squeezing all the juices out of me’

Actress Rocky Sawant is saddened to think that she has been eliminated again from the Big Boss show. Two days after the eviction, Rocky talked to the paparazzi who had gathered outside his gym and scolded him about how the show used itself for entertainment each season.

“Iska matlap ye hi ki big bass agar of her sal mujhe buleke, do of sirf mujhe tisu ki tara istemal karege. Main Tissue Paper Nahi Who Big Boss. Main Jeeti Jakti Insan Hu. Entertainment Ke Liye, Jab Tak Chandre May Juice Hai, Of Nicot Leke Fir Silka Fek Denge. Main Koi Chandra, Nimbu Ya Koi Tissue Paper Nahi Hu Big Boss Ki Of Mujhse Entertainment Leje But Jab Final Ka Samay Eka Doosron Ko Le Jake Final May. Big Boss you know I love you so much. Main Trophy Ki Haktar Thai, Main Dirv Karthi Thai (Every year, it shows that you call me and use me as a tissue. I’m not a tissue paper, but a living, breathable man. Throw it away. I’m not an orange, lemon or tissue paper, you’ll get all the entertainment from me, but you’re taking others to the finals. .

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Rocky fans also accepted him. “So don’t go back to injustice,” one fan wrote. “Yes … she was invited because of low DRP … but even her presence could not save the show. She is being used properly,” wrote another.

Rocky’s latest opinion, however, was completely different from his cheerful mood that fans saw on Wednesday. She posed for photos with her husband Riteish outside her gym and later even went to dinner with him. Rocky and Riteish are currently participating in the show’s 15th season.

Now the finalists are Tejaswi Prakash, Karan Kundra, Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal. The finale will air this weekend – January 29th and 30th.

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