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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Jim Surf is the star of the new SonyLive show Rocket Boys. Jim plays the latter in the biopic of famous Indian scientists Vikram Sarabhai and Homi J Baba, while Ishwak Singh plays Dr. Sarabhai.

Jim has certainly come a long way from the kidnapper in Nirja or the treacherous Malik Kafur in Padmavati. In Rocket Boys, he portrays a character he does not play much – a good man, a great man, indeed one of the pioneers of modern India. Speaking to us, Jim talks about the character’s challenges, how the show’s makers avoided turning it into a boring science lecture, and also about his viral Cred commercials from last year.

Jim Surf in a still from Rocket Boys.
Jim Surf in a still from Rocket Boys.

Rocket Boys was not only praised by critics, but is now receiving praise from fans for its storytelling and acting. Jim says it is a great pleasure for those close to him to appreciate his work as he receives congratulatory messages and compliments from all corners. “Probably the biggest check is the people I know well, who I consider to be friends and contemporaries. If you look at something from the outside and you do not know me, you will think that character is like that. But if you know what I did, how much I trusted my acting tricks. You know, “he says.

In the show, Jim portrays Baba, who died in 1966, and very few who met and knew him are still alive. This lack of evidence did not irritate the actor. In fact, he believes it is easy to play as a late personality. Jim says, “It’s so much easier if he’s not alive. When people take biographies of people who are still alive, it’s real stress. You have to meet him and weigh in on the interview they can do. Pressure. So it is difficult to know what Sushant did or what Ranveer did. “

To act as a scientist, Jim had to add a lot of science to the conversation, and he needed to get some basics right. For that he relied on real scientists. He tells us, “I tried to understand what I was talking about in each scene. No, I did not really know how to detect cosmic rays, but I knew it was enough. Of course, engineers and physicists were studying the script. So if you have any questions, ask them. Can answer. “

But the producers were careful not to overdo the scientific angle on the show. Therefore, all technical monologues must be timely. Jim explains, “At the time there had to be a purpose to why that information was being given, and if there was no purpose, what you were doing was giving a boring science lecture. Finding a way to show his expertise without it. We just did it to be wild.”

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But the Rocket Boys are not the only Jim’s notable performers. The actor was mentioned in his short pitt last year in viral Cred commercials featuring the antics of Neeraj Chopra and Kapil Dev. Mention them, Jim explodes. He says with a smile, “I got a lot of feedback on that. You know you have to be a straight man to set it up. It doesn’t make sense to be spicy. Finish in eight seconds. That’s the real tip we had.” In fact, the actor says he always knew those ads would be a huge success: “I thought it would be great. It’s a fun idea and concept. No question.”

Rocket Boys, directed by Abhay Pannu and produced by Nikhil Advani, premiered on SonyLiv on February 4 and is currently streaming. Besides Ishwak and Jim, the show also features Regina Cassandra, Saba Azad, Thibiyendu Bhattacharya, Namit Das and Arjun Radhakrishnan. Considering its success, Rocket Boys has been updated for a second season, with both Jim and Ishwak ready to redo their roles.

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