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Abhay Pannu’s Rocket Boys opens with its highly crafted, enthusiastically performed and tightly written display. Jim Serbin’s slim but powerful, fitting-boot-clad Homi J Baba is in a dark and gloomy room in 1962 full of the brightest scientists in India. This includes Vikram Sarabhai, Ishwak Singh in the soft softness of his beautiful kurta-pajamas. The Chinese are advancing, and India is at the height of the war. In a world where the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are as unforgettable as stories in history textbooks, tough decisions must be made about the home-grown atomic bomb. Vikram and Homi lock the horns on the dangers of taking up arms against pacifism as they face war. The discussion goes on naturally and the urgency is reflected not only in the acting of Jim and Ishwak, but also in the equally talented — if not more — supporting actors. The theme of the show is that ideas and ethics continue to contradict each other and set expectations for the future – more than 25 chapters of the lives of these two pioneering scientists, living eight episodes worth living in an era worth living. Our movies and television are more focused than allowed.

However, even though these eight episodes were written and directed by director Pannu for the first time, the pitch is not always right. The first episode is delightful, beginning our journey between The Blitz in 1940, with our Rocket Boys Meet Cute — another scene that evokes a chef’s kiss – the white man exit movement and a disgusting Cora Sahab igniting the fire for freedom. They are both. Science classes and rockets take the back seat in the next two chapters, and bring with it some planned issues that can be a little hard to digest as love and hormones take over. But soon, Bannu realizes where the focus should be – from these scientists’ crazy scientists in a backyard, to putting together parts of a baby rocket, setting up companies, getting some enemies, befriending ministers, taking over. On greedy maharajas and pessimistic mill workers. Bannu does not provide The Crown treatment for his episodes – he tries to tell the story of a crisis at a time. He allows for the bandwidth needed for crises, while at the same time drawing as much play as possible from each of them.

Throughout their journey, basically in a dual biography series, Vikram and Homi never come across as God-like wrongdoers, not to mention the achievements of many biographical directors in Bollywood. They are still human, with a lot of flexibility and, in some cases, full of equal amounts of cruelty. The burden of the latter is often felt by women in their lives. Regina Cassandra is captivated by Vikram Sarabhai’s wife Mrinalini. During the time they were in love, her feminine ambitions were nothing more than the problems Vikrama always had on his toes. But then, at first glance the charm of love wears off and when the awake scientist wants to raise her children and sit at home, you feel the perfect shame she feels.

Sabah Azad initially plays the active and then sad Pipsy, who loves Homi all she has, but can’t say much about him. On happy days their chemistry doesn’t affect you much, but then, Azad and Sarp make a dent in your heart in a lot of unspoken moments.

Jim Surf as Homi J Baba.
Jim Surf as Homi J Baba.

Cassandra and Azad are just two of the many who carry the Rocket Boys beyond the pastures of ‘good’ and ‘adult’. It is hard to hate Thibien Bhattacharya as a jealous rival Rasa Mehdi. He – on the surface – expresses polite genius, boiling anger, overt jealousy and, when necessary, humbly accepting failure without difficulty. Rajit Kapoor gives his best performance as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He designs his voice when he cheers with embassy officials by having drinks at garden parties or exploding his men for substandard work, taking it even further and sticking with it. Special shouts to Vijay Kashyap as Lal Bahadur Shastri for his warmth and wisdom and to Gentle Karthik Srinivasan as CV Raman. Dr. ABJ While I accept that Abdul Kalam is not always the smiling president and I admit that he is not always the smiling president with that iconic hair and blue dress, I do not know anything exactly about the tall Arjun Radhakrishnan and his impeccable Hindi.

Rocket Boys get a lot of points for their relentless attention to detail and the need to create the right context for your story. Light filters through dusty rooms, always soft, never blinding, desks loaded with trinkets and tools, overuse has turned the chalk boards into dull white, the corridors are cold, the doors are heavy, and everything looks real. Perennial twilight too. This is the meaning of Pinterest Dreams. While I can appreciate Vivaldi or Eric Chatty not having a good royalty in the background, it is very rare to hear hints of ‘dings’ and ‘dongs’ in comedy scenes, even if the scene may or may not be heard. .

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But at the end of the day, like many events in the series, Jim Surf comes in to save everything. With so many stars or side characters, Bollywood has long tried to hide him, but as an electric homemaker, he offers a performance that definitely introduces him to the stars. Surf has a way of saying it about him that seems a little surprising and a little more uncertain than the others, but here, he proves that he is capable of quietly carrying more emotional, disabled scenes. Ishwak Singh, after playing a UPSC activist in Badal Lok, is as easily trusted as the soft-spoken, warm-hearted Vikram Sarabhai. While Vikram’s own life is not chaotic, he is the perfect film for Surf in more ways than one, bringing peace.

It took SonyLiv 1.5 years to provide a worthy successor to the 1992 Hansel Mehta scam. The Rocket Boys are a bright star on the Streamer list. Netflix, it’s good to start your own rocket to snatch something from heaven.

Rocket Boys
Director: அபய் பண்ணு
actors: Jim Sarf, Ishwak Singh

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