Rocket Boys Actor Jim Surp: Bollywood Is A Business Beast | Internet series

Over the past few years, Jim Shrapnel has been making use of the OTT space, which he says he enjoys exploring the different roles that come his way.

He shares how his OTT projects reintroduced him to his audience in a new way, something that could not be done with his films, “Bollywood is a commercial beast. It works on numbers and no one can say anything about those numbers.

And that difference and the lack of a number game is why OTT scores are higher for Surf than for theater projects.

“I have the opportunity to work in different genres within OTT platforms and I do different things. Also, there are opportunities that many people have not had before, which is a good thing. So yes, so do I,” says the actor who was part of the web project. Made in Heaven, Yeh Ballet, Taish, House Arrest And Smoke.

The 34-year-old has also starred in films like, talking more about how he makes choices when talking about a Bollywood project. Neerja (2016), A Death in the Gunch (2016), Padmavat (2018) And Sanju (2018)There are many reasons and elaborately say, “Sometimes the character is interesting, sometimes the project is good, sometimes it’s because of the director and sometimes you owe it to the previous director or because your friends are on the production team.”

However, when it comes to his OTT projects, he only focuses on what he is worth as an actor, which happened in the case of his latest web series, Rocket Boys In it he plays the Indian physicist Dr. Homi Jahangir Baba.

“It simply came to our notice then. Glad to have had the opportunity at Homi Baba. I did my research and verification of the truth while preparing for the role. But we had a great team and I trusted them. , I loved it, I like to prepare hard and watch serious rehearsals. Last year for the Rocket Boys movie, it took only 70 days to shoot, but it feels like the whole year was over. Rocket Boys Because it took too long to produce, ”he concludes.

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