Regina Cassandra: Some people are disgusted when they use the word Southern actor | Internet series

As a pioneer in Telugu and Tamil films, the tag of South Indian actors haunts Regina Cassandra.

The actor feels that such labels are not often used to denigrate actors from the South.

“Sometimes they keep saying they’re Southern actors, and it bothers me. People do not understand what words to use. Some despise the term Southern actor. Some people use it without knowing it, because they have heard it somewhere, and they find nothing insulting about it, ”Cassandra tells us.

He adds that it is a bit annoying to hear people add the prefix of the Southern actor before his name.

“I am from South India and when I talk about an actor, it always makes me want to stop. Needless to say, he is a Southern actor … I think it is safe to say that the actor has a job, ”says the actor.

However, Cassandra feels that things are getting better now that people are becoming more aware and more and more actors are moving out of the full definition of regions and emerging as Pan India actors.

“It simply came to our notice then. No one would have seen the emergence of so many actors on a South Indian scale. Also look at the whole inclusive thing going on in the entertainment industry that changes things. In a few more years, things will change to the point where no one can say whether he is a Southern actor or a Northern actor, ”said the 31-year-old.

Has she had such an experience in Bollywood? “It simply came to our notice then. Not much, ”she replies.

The actor has been working outside of Hindi with his internet debut Rocket Boys. She had a cameo Ek ladki ko dekha do aisa In 2019.

Talks about his internet introduction. “This is my first big project in Hindi. I could not have asked for a better plan to mark my start on the internet. Big things take time. I think it should happen, it happened. I’m not one to force things to happen. I let things happen, it happened at a time when I was ready to walk as an actor, as an actor. I’m glad it took so long, ”she concludes.

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