Regina Cassandra: I did not miss the action, I continue to work in South Indian films | Internet series

Actress Regina Cassandra, who works mainly in Telugu and Tamil films, talks about her huge gap between her two Hindi projects, saying that she is not without work.

His debut in the 2019 Hindi film Ek ladki ko dekha do aisa And Regina Cassandra is back on the Hindi screen with her latest web series Rocket Boys.

The actor, who works mainly in Telugu and Tamil films, says that while talking about his huge gap between his two Hindi projects, he is not without work.

“I am not an MIA. I may not have been doing Hindi projects, but I was very busy with my Telugu and Tamil projects. That doesn’t mean I left for any particular reason. I could not find any exciting work to do something here. I don’t just want to make plans for it. I want to make a difference in my work, ”he tells us.

That’s the reason he took it, says the actor Ek ladki ko dekha do aisa Although it is a very small character.

“I got a call from Shelley (Chopra Thar, director). It’s just a 10 minute character but I felt I had to do it and be in space and talk about certain things, “says Cassandra about the LGBT love story and the film starring Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Anil Kapoor.

But now the post Rocket Boys He has received widespread praise for this, and the 31-year-old says he expects to do more work in the Hind space.

“I think this is already happening. People should go back before this show and look at the films I did in the South and find out what my talent is. People in Bollywood will be amazed if I have an accent when I speak Hindi. Now I feel people expressing what I do. People see and see I think there is still a lot to decide, ”he explains.

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