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In Lee Child’s books, Jack Reicher is described as very tall and well built. The book Never Go Back describes him as “a six-pack like Graveyard City Street, a chest like NFL armor, biceps like basketball and subcutaneous fat like Kleenex tissue.” That’s Richer’s USP, character. When he enters a room, the others are openly intimidated. Unfortunately, for the first time the character was portrayed on screen, the producers were looking for a 5-foot-7-inch-tall Tom Cruise.

Reicher avoids many of the things that movies misunderstand. It plays a man who looks like Reicher Lee Child probably imagined. If Alan Ritcheson was the same height as Reicher and something, he would have to be totally down to play the character. But it’s not just the physique that Allen is right about.

Jack Reicher is a retired American Marine who travels across the United States and finds himself trapped in a murder mystery in a small town in the middle. A man with a strong moral compass, Reicher, realizes that the shares are very personal to him, so he takes on the responsibility of solving the mystery. The first season is based on Lee Child’s first book, Killing Floor.

Reicher had already won half the battle. Alan Ritcheson carries the show on his big back with his physique, charm and performance. He makes you root for him, he gets excited when he breaks the left, right and central bones, and even this beast of man gets a little nervous when he is adjusted.

The heart of the show is Allen. But the cast, led by Malcolm Goodwin, Villa Fitzgerald and Bruce McGill, have the support he deserves. The eight-episode web series model allows directors and writers to express each character. There are times when Reacher is not even on screen, and you do not miss him much because the other characters are so impressive.

Alan Ritcheson and Villa Fitzgerald in one of Richter's stills.
Alan Ritcheson and Villa Fitzgerald in one of Richter’s stills.

What Reicher really scores over movies is that it is mostly true to its raw materials. Lee Child has sold millions of copies and is considered one of the best modern thriller series. The series wisely decides not to deviate from the plot points, which is what makes it such a good thriller. It’s exactly what Jack Richter’s mother wrote in her books, Lee Child, calling him Richer, not Jack. This is a sign that the producers have taken Lee’s word for it. It works.

But Reacher is not just for those who have read books or seen Tom Cruise films. This is for those who want a good thriller. Currently there is no shortage of murder mysteries set in small towns on TV and streaming services. But its leading star is where it distinguishes itself from Reicher Brothers and the Mayor of the Eastons of the World. Jack Reicher shatters all known stereotypes of the hero. He rolled Rambo and Sherlock Holmes together. As its creator Lee Child says, “He is stronger than you, smarter than you, better prepared than you in everything.”

But despite such a ‘superhuman’ lead, Reicher continues to raise stakes. It can show our hero as someone who can be vulnerable. No bullets flowed from him. He may be in mortal danger, and he often encounters contradictions that force him to bring his A-game.

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Reicher is a very specially created series. Even in times when the mystery is solved or you know what is coming, it is done in the style of creating an interesting watch. My only problem with the show – if I actually find one – is that sometimes, in some action scenes it can be a little overwhelming. The sound of bones shattering and bodies twisting may appear louder when Reacher is hit. I understand this is done to show Richer’s brutal strength, but it’s a little too much when you’re not ready.

Reacher streaming on Amazon Prime Video starts on February 4th. We hope Amazon does not cancel this soon and can get more seasons. There are 24 Lee Child books after The Killing Floor.

Series: Reacher

Created by: Based on the books by Nick Sandora and Lee Child

actors: Alan Ritcheson, Malcolm Goodwin, Villa Fitzgerald, Bruce McGill

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