Raveena Tandon reveals why she ‘quietly’ adopted her daughters to avoid gossip from tabloids: ‘Idna Khand Tha’ | Bollywood

Raveena Tandon talks about her adopted daughters Chaya and Pooja who were adopted in the 90s without being married.

Actress Raveena Tandon talks about her decision to adopt two daughters in the 90s and why she did not speak openly about them. Raveena adopted her daughters Pooja and Chaya in 1995 at the age of 21.

In a new interview, Raveena said she was worried about how the tabloids would handle the news and whether she would be accused of having children out of wedlock.

R.J. Speaking to Siddharth Kannan, he said, “In the beginning it was an era of tabloidism and yellow dirty journalism. There were these hardcore writers who wrote disgusting things and headlines. In those days, a scandal could develop. They never talked about it, and after that, they started dating me during my filming. Then, ‘Who are these people? Women?’ I’ll start telling them how. “

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“Are you afraid of what these people will do even if you say something?” Like the magazine Vale Tenge Ki Isko secretly Baby Ho Gaya, Kiska Baby Hai (magazines say I secretly had a baby and speculations about the father). That was that period. Itna kant da unke Minds Main (their mind was so dirty). To avoid stories like this, I did it very quietly, ”he added.

Pooja and Chaya are now married with their own children. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Raveena talks about how the two are her best friends. “My daughters are my best friends. I remember, when I got married, they were the ones who sat in the car and took me to the mansion. Now, I had the opportunity to walk them down the aisle. It’s a special feeling, ”she said.

Raveena is married to Anil Dathani and has two children, daughter Rasha and son Ranbirwardhan.

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