Raveena Tandon congratulates daughter Chaya on her birthday with ‘beautiful memories’ from her Christian wedding | Bollywood

On Tuesday, actress Raveena Tandon shared a series of pictures of her daughter Chaya Tandon’s wedding and congratulated him on his sixth wedding anniversary. Raveena adopted Chaya in 1995.

Sharing the photos, Raveena said, “When life is full of beautiful memories and moments .. it will be cherished and celebrated forever! Happy Anniversary My Kids! Happiness and love always! @ chaya.mm #shawn. Sada Saubhagyavati Raho (May you always be lucky as a married woman). “

In the first few pictures, you can see Chaya posing with Raveena and her children Rasha and Ranbir. In other pictures, Chaya can be seen walking down the aisle wearing her white bridal gown. Chaya was married to Shaun on January 25, 2016 at a Hindu-Catholic ceremony in Goa.

In 1995, Raveena adopted two daughters, Pooja and Chaya. Earlier, speaking about adoption, Raveena told Pingvilla, “There was something about them that made me realize that being a 21-year-old was not important. It was arguably the best end of my life. I cherish every moment I share with them, until I take them in my arms for the first time and walk down the aisle. “

Raveena said that at that time people told her that being a mother would affect her status as a future bride. “Then people were scared about my decision and told me that no one wanted to marry someone with this ‘luggage’. But as they say, whatever the fate, it will happen. I could not have been more blessed,” Raveena said.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times in 2016, Raveena said of her daughters, “My daughters are my best friends. I remember, when I got married, they were the ones who sat in the car and took me to the mansion. Now, I had the opportunity to walk them down the aisle. This is a special feeling. ”

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Raveena is married to film distributor Anil Dathani and has two children, daughter Rasha (2005) and son Ranbirwardhan (2008). Chaya is a flight attendant and Pooja is an event manager.

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