Rasika Tugal: Going abroad after two years felt very real | Internet series

The actor makes extensive use of his first work trip in the UK after the outbreak; She admits that she realized how much she missed the trip

Actress Rasika Tugal, who has been filming in India for the past two years of the epidemic, was excited to fly to the UK for the shooting of her next project.

Lord Curzon Ki Haveli, co-starring with Mirzapur actor Arjun Mathur, is shooting in the suburbs of London for the film. Tugal, who is happy to explore the exteriors in another country, is excited that this shoot will mark his first post-epidemic overseas trip. Sharing his excitement, Tugal said, “After two years, traveling out of the country felt almost surreal. At first I was very scared because I was nervous about the virus, but when we got there and everyone in the unit tested negative, I was very relaxed.

The actor filmed on a beautiful Proton garden set in Yorkshire Tales with vast meadows, moorlands and meandering rivers. He explains, “It felt safer because we were in a garden four hours from London and 15 minutes from the nearest town (Skypton). During the few days of the trip, I realized how much I missed the trip. There were five actors in the film, and we were all comfortable with five rooms.” We lived in a small hut.There were many fun conversations going on around the kitchen counter before and after the shooting.We teased that it feels like we are back in the hostel! .

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