Rashi Khanna recalls being embarrassed in the early days of her career in South Indian films: ‘They called me a gas tanker’ | Internet series

Actress Rashi Khanna, who was recently seen in Rudra: The Edge of Darkness starring Ajay Devgan, has opened up about being physically ashamed in the early days of her career. Rashi, who has appeared in several Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil films, recalled being referred to as a gas tanker due to his weight. The actor also spoke earlier about how difficult it is to maintain his weight and fitness levels. Read also | Rashi Kanna: Hindi cinema is still trying to find its base, taking a lot from the south

Rashi Khanna said that these comments initially bothered her but she did not respond to criticism as she considered herself overweight by the standards of the South Indian film industry. Rashi made her debut in 2013 with Madras Cafe starring John Abraham before starring in several Tamil and Telugu hits.

When asked what bad criticism he had to face, the actor told Bollywood Hungama, “Initially I … I was really lucky in the roles I got … maybe it had to do with my weight because they said I was a gas tanker when I started in the South Things like that and I said nothing, because I’m too big for the mainstream they have and I became .It’s not just to entertain anyone at the right time, but I know it needs that job. I do not mind. “

Rashi revealed that she struggled with PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) which made it difficult for her to maintain her weight. Asked if her comments about her body weight had affected her in her career begging, she said, “Yes, I was like ‘Itna que farak butt raha hai’ (why do they care so much). I’m still fine. Of course, I had problems, PCOD , All the jazz that everyone passes by. But no one knows, they just look at the screen. So I can not blame them. Initially it hit me, but I’m one too. Very spiritual person so it helps to turn it off. So I do not care.

Rashi received praise from critics and fans for her role as Alia in Rudra. The show, which airs on Disney + Hotstar, is a remake of the BBC Luther. Rashi has recently started shooting for the Tamil film Sardar starring Karthi. He also has Yoda, who marks his return to Bollywood nine years after his debut through Madras Cafe. The film also stars Siddharth Malhotra and Disha Pathani.

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