Raja Kumari: Playing Holi is like living my Bollywood dream

The rap artist talks about how he lived the Holi festival through Hindi films while growing up in Los Angeles; He says he’s going to hit the stage with the Holy-Special show two years later

This Holi will be special for the rap musician princess who will be coming on stage with the Holi Special Show two years later. “One of my biggest shows that was canceled due to an epidemic was the Holi show I was hosting in Mumbai. They are so much fun because we wear costumes and do live shows. This year, I am hosting an event in Chandigarh, ”he says, adding,“ I am very excited to be celebrating the festival in India this year.

Kumari reveals that for most of her early years, she was unable to celebrate the Festival of Colors with its pride. He says, “It’s a common practice in the United States today. But when I was younger, it was very difficult to get colors. I remember calling Indian stores a month ago.

The 36-year-old shares his early memories of Holi taken from Bollywood films. “I saw Holi in a lot of films. The iconic Rang Parse (Silsila; 1981) is a song we danced to a lot. Playing Holi is like living my Bollywood dream, ”he says.

Kumari magnified it only after going to college: “I first experienced Holi at the college where I was the president of the Indian Club. We arranged it on the beach. In my high school, I was one of three Indians. The time I was surrounded by more Indians in college, it helped to bond with our culture.

So, what does Holly mean to her? “Seeing strangers celebrate together reminds me that everyone is equal. I remember stories I heard as a child about Krishna. I hope this Holi will nourish our inner child because it keeps us healthy and happy, ”Kumari concludes.

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