Rahul Preet Singh on his relationship with Jackie Bagnani: ‘There is nothing hidden or tricky about the relationship’ | Bollywood

Rahul Preet Singh officially announced his relationship with actor-producer Jackie Bagnani last year. The two first made it official on Instagram with Jackie’s post on Rahul’s birthday in October, and then with Rahul’s response, calling Jackie his ‘big gift’.

In a recent interview, Rahul talked about why the two decided to make their relationship public. “We both think there’s nothing to hide or trick about the relationship. If you’ve been one, it’s best to give each other that respect and acknowledge it. We’ll face it. We all know who the running couple is. Rahul told Chopra.

Speaking about Jackie’s birthday post, Rahul, who has written poems praising him, said he was pleasantly surprised to see his boyfriend’s page. “I had no idea he was going to be a poet. I knew he was going to greet me in public, but I thought it was ‘Happy Birthday’. I had no idea this would be such a poetic message. I was very surprised, ”he said.

The actor said that although he and Jackie had made their relationship public, they did not want to take any attention from his work. He added, “It’s a part of my life and it is. I have a special place in my life, like my parents, my brother. And about it. I do not want to report it. He does not.”

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Rahul is not hungry for work though. He has lined up seven publications in 2022 in two languages. These include Runway 34 with Ajay Devgan, Attack with Ayushman Khurana opposite Dr. G, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez, and his first film Chatriwali.

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