Ragul Preet Singh talks about playing condom tester in Chatriwali, explaining why this is a family film | Bollywood

Ragul Preet talks about acting as a condom tester in his upcoming film Satrivali. Directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Dioskar, the film tells the story of a chemistry graduate who ends up working as a condom quality tester because he needs money. The producers have described it as a family entertainment film that wants to tarnish the use of condoms with humor. Ragul Breath recently explained why the condom-centric film is still a family film. Read also | Rahul Preet Singh on relationship with Jackie Bagnani: ‘There is nothing hidden or tricky about the relationship’

Rahul, who will also be seen as a gynecologist in his upcoming film Dr. G, said there should be no restrictions on these topics. He also said that Chatriwali is not a preaching film but portrays the reality of the community in a lighter way.

He told Pingvilla, “Each of us is born the way you are going to show up at Dr. Ji. An obstetrician is a very important doctor, but we look down on gynecology as a field. If someone wants to go to the gynecologist, go with your mom, go with dad, why? Father Be Do Wahi Se Baida Ho The (Dad was born the same way). The main thing is, why did we ban it? Don’t be shy about it, but be careful about it.

Rahul also said that Chatriwali, starring Sumit Vyas, should be considered as a family film. She explained, “We did not show any contempt for anything. There is not a single kiss in the picture. This is a journey of a small town girl and it is in comedy. She stumbles into this job, and she sees it (initially) with contempt.

Rahul said that he was a little skeptical about playing the role, but accepted the opinion of his parents who gave the green signal. He also told them a line story of Satrivali, which he said was directed by his parents before accepting each script.

While the release date of Satrivali is yet to be confirmed, Rahul will be starring in Dr G on June 17 this year. Ayushman Khurana and Shebali Shah also star in the social drama film directed by Anubhuti Kashyap.

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