Ragul Preet Singh and Jackie Bagnani laughed at Pragya Jaiswal’s birthday party. See pictures | Bollywood

Actress Pragya Jaiswal celebrated her birthday on Thursday night and she posted pictures of the celebrations on Instagram on Friday. Love Birds in the pictures Jackie Bagnani and Ragul Preet Singh sparkle with wide smiles as they pose with the birthday girl.

Pragya posted a carousel of photos from the celebrations on her Instagram feed. “Being surrounded by people I love so much – my family and close friends means a lot to me.

In one picture, the birthday girl and some of her friends pose with Rahul and Jackie, both of whom can be seen smiling ear to ear. In another picture, two BFFs Rahul and Pragya hug each other and pose.

Ragul and Pragya are very good friends and were often seen together at various events and events. Both have worked in Telugu cinema for about a decade.

Jackie and Ragul officially made their relationship last year when Jackie released a picture of the two of them with a long note on her birthday. He responded to that gesture with a post on Jackie’s birthday, where he called him the ‘Great Gift’ of the year.

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Speaking to Film Companion in a recent conversation, Rahul mentioned his relationship with Jackie. “It’s a part of my life and it’s. I have a special place in my life, like my parents, my brother. And about that. I do not want to report it. He does not,” she said.

The actor also said that he and Jackie did not believe in keeping their relationship a secret. She said, “We both think there is nothing to hide or trick about the relationship. If you’re one, the best thing is to give each other that respect and recognize it. “

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