PTS: Suka promises to meet with the military on his birthday next week, reveals he wrote the lyrics to Stay Alive on a flight to the US

BTS member Suka spoke recently about their upcoming concerts, his birthday, his post-Kovit 19 health and his recently released songs. The second oldest member of the band held a live session on V Live on Tuesday evening and spoke with ARMY, BTS fans. During the session, Suka talked about her hair, “Is my hair too long? I’m growing it now. There are those who say grow my hair long, and there are those who say cut it.” (Read more | ‘Jungkook in da house’: BTS member chooses after sharing dance director Dasang’s dance video. See)

Earlier, Jimin shared a post saying, “I put the title to Yongi Hyung’s (older brother) We Live movie.” The title of Suka’s live film is ‘My Hair Has Grown Too Long’. When one of the fans teased that Suka was getting old, he laughed, “I’m 30, I’m not old yet.”

Speaking of Stay Alive, the original soundtrack he produced for Weptoon 7 Fates Sacco, Suka asked his audience for their opinion. Yungi spoke about two tracks translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_ – Stay Olive and Girl of My Dreams, revealing that he wrote the lyrics for the songs on the flight to the United States. He also said that he recorded the Girl of My Dreams almost as soon as he landed there.

Suka held a live session.
Suka held a live session.

Suka talked about the lyrics of the movie Stay Alive and Jungkook who sang the song. I kept the webtone and wrote the lines for the movie Stay Alive. Junguk recorded the song very well. The chorus was too much, but he didn’t even do the re-recording, which was instantly recognized. He is the overflowing person. Talent. “When asked by a fan if he’s working on the film Suka Stay Alive in the Soup, he replied,” Yes. But at that time the melody of the junk was not kept in the song. I was working on the soup. “

Suka promised the military that he would hold a live session on March 9, his birthday. “It’s my birthday soon, I’ll see you on my birthday. I’ll be back live on my birthday,” he said. . When asked what he planned to do on his special day, Suka replied, “What will I do on my birthday? The next day is concert day, so I think I can not do much (laughs). BTS will be hosting three concerts in Seoul this month. Scheduled for March 10, 12 and 13.

The BTS member spoke about their home concert next week, saying, “The concert will be a lot of fun. We’re preparing hard. We’ve been looking forward to a concert in Korea. It’s going to be even colder in March, so I’ll try not to get sick.” Commenting on their Las Vegas concert, Suka said, “I’m excited for the Vegas concert too, refurbished venue. The stadium was so cold, we saw it as it passed.” The dates of the concerts are April 8, 9, 15 and 16.

Bangton (PDS) is so lucky that when a fan teases him that he can go to Bangton’s concert, Suka laughs and says, “Haha, they (we) go every time”. “I’m going to die if I can not go to the concert,” one fan wrote, with a smirk, “not so much. You can even watch it online.” When he asked ARMY to be quiet about not getting ‘too tense’ when picking up tickets, one fan asked, “Is there a way to not be tense (about getting tickets)?” He replied, “Do as you usually do. Just like when you select from a menu.”

BTS members– RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook debuted on Instagram last December. Speaking about his feed, Suka said, “I do not know what pictures to upload on Instagram. I do not know how to change my feed beautifully. I do not usually take pictures. I’m not sure yet. What is this ‘Instagram Vibe’ about.”

Suka, who recently recovered from Kovit-19, said, “I’m in good health now. It’s been three months since I got sick (Kovit-19). People do not always catch it because they do not care. No. Someone deliberately wants to contract it. ” “Yes. When I get home, he puts clothes in his mouth so he can go for a walk. He sleeps next to me every day,” Suka asked, “Yes.”

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