PTS: Sami Sami dance to the song Jimin, V and Jung Pushpa; The military says ‘this is very accurate’. See

BTS members Jimin, V and Jung dance to a Sami Sami song from Pushpa: The Rice in a fan-edited video. Sami Sami is the first song to feature actors Rashmika Mandana and Allu Arjun.

In the clip that came out online, you can see BTS’s Jangook, V and Jim tracking their platform. In the original BTS video, members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook performed at Bang Bang 21. The virtual event hosted by BTS took place in April last year.

The dance organization sang their Go Go song and all the members played to the track. However, the clip released on Instagram only has three BTS members.

One fan who responded to this post wrote, “Pius Recker … Seriously I can not even imagine.” This is very good ‘, commented another fan. “It’s really like they’re dancing to it,” ARMY said. “Brother this is so accurate, lol …” another person wrote. “Wow it fits,” another fan commented. Another person commented, “BTS dont follow beats. Beats follow follow.”

Earlier, another video was released of BTS members dancing to Lord Samantha Ruth’s special dance song O Andawa from Pushpa. In the original video, BTS members danced to the song Boys with Love. It was a clip when they practiced their track dance.

Another fan of Pushpa’s Srivalli with BTS members Allu Arjun and Rashmika is featured in the edited video. The song was added to the dance training video of BTS members of their song Dynamite.

The band members often star in videos edited by fans of Indian songs. Last year, a video appeared online in which Jin’s track was replaced by the song Super Tuna, Dot Dot Dot. The song originally starred actor Ranveer Singh in the movie Ramleela (2013).

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Meanwhile, BTS members, who attended four Los Angeles concerts last month, have taken an ‘extended leave’. However, they continue to interact with their fans in Weavers. Recently introduced members on Instagram and posts.


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