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Most famous for playing Bobby Deol’s wife Ashram And a judge Chief Madam, Tulika Banerjee, an actor from Lucknow, feels that there is no age and no place to start a business.

He started working in films five years ago at the age of 35 and since then he has acted in many movies, web series, short films and TV commercials.

“I never had Mumbai dreams. Conversely, as a kid, since I created Vitiligo, I didn’t even think I would get into acting, and it fortunately healed. But what is destined for you will come your way. In 2016, I got a job at UP Power Corporation Limited, but I started my acting career and by the grace of God it has now started to develop, ”says Banerjee.

Except for one project, all my projects have been shot in Uttar Pradesh only. “The only shoot I did outside of UP Ashram Chapter-3 Filmed in Jaipur and Bhopal. Now that the character is very well developed, I will be playing the lead role in the series, ”says the actor.

She feels filmed in real places; The best ways are opened up locally. “Now, there are a lot of opportunities in small towns and local artists get jobs. The only problem is that the main characters are usually taken from Mumbai to give small roles to local artists. But some producers like Prakashji (Ja) believe in local talent and give them better roles too. , ”Says Banerjee.

The actor recalled starting in the movie Mr. Kabadi Om Puri and Annu Kapoor starred there, where he played the lead. “It simply came to our notice then Thakurganj family But mass recognition came through episodes of the TV show, Crime Patrol. My role as public prosecutor Grahan And Judge Chief Madam I got more work. I am also looking forward to the Indo-Austrian film Mehrunisa In it I play the daughter of the late actor Farooq Jaffer. The film is running at festivals and has been well received, ”he says.

The shorts also took her to places. “Our film Suno, Directed by Divakar Bhattacharya, in which I starred opposite Sridhar Dubai won the prestigious award. Since then, I have done several shorts, my latest Second inning, Directed by Devesh Bora starring Prajendra Gala.

She will be seen next Jamtara2, Kalamanch, Lead Se Bath, Prayagraj, Chot Nawab And Shoe box.

An alumnus of Christ Church College and the University of Lucknow, Prabhakar is a member of the Siddharth Vishal and Pragya Sangeet Samiti at the Pathankot Music University. Also, I have been a radio jockey since 2001, which gave me a lot of exposure. I was also the host of the show on Lucknow Doordarshan, ”he says. Her husband also works in the same field and they have two daughters aged 17 and 11.

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