Pradeep Popper on Actors Asking Wife’s Permission for Intimate Shows: Is It Wrong, Aap Mere Ma-Pop Ho? | Bollywood

Rep. Buffer responds to a recent discussion about whether an actor should seek permission from his partner before working on an intimate scene on screen. Couples need to talk about what they are doing, but getting permission is wrong, he said. During the advertisements for the Kehriyan film, Deepika Padukone was asked online for comments on whether she had asked her husband actor Ranveer Singh for permission. (Read also: Siddhant Chaturvedi responds to the suggestion that Deepika Padukone should have got Ranveer Singh’s permission for Kehriyan.)

In Kehran, Deepika plays the role of a yoga instructor who is in an unhappy relationship with his cousin’s fianc (Siddhant Chaturvedi). Directed by Shakun Bhadra, the film stars Deepika’s cousin Ananya Pandey and Deepika’s boyfriend Thairya Karwa.

Asked if he should get permission from his wife, Pratik told Adams that it varies from person to person and it is important for him to talk about it. “I do not think it’s permissible to be involved. Perhaps actresses like this should get permission from their wives. In my opinion, I think it’s wrong. Because the wife should respect what the other wife is doing.” He also said that spouses need to understand the career demands of their respective partners. “It comes with the territory of being an artist or an actor. Communication is important. You have to talk about it, you have to be on the same page. But can you buy permission?”

And he said, “Of Mary Ma Ho? Aap mere pop ho (are you my mom or dad)? I totally disagree that I need to get permission. I agree and stand firm in the conversation about it. Kaun hote ho aap mujhe dene ko allowed? Mera carrier hain, apne byron bay kade hokar hum com karte hai. Main apne pop se permission nahi leda (Who are you to give me permission? This is my business I created and I work on my own. I did not even ask my father). Forgive my language. I do not expect my partner to ask me for permission, I definitely expect to talk about it. I think permission is the wrong word.

Pradeep said that people may be allowed in relationships where they are afraid of their spouse and such a relationship will not go anywhere. Let me give you the exact information that such a relationship goes nowhere. It can be destroyed at any time and become poisonous in a short time.

When asked about the online comments, Deepika told Bollywood Bubble before the release of Kehriyan, “It’s nonsense that we even reacted to it. I did not read the comments. I’m sure he’s not. I think. Alas, this is nonsense.” He added that Ranveer is “very proud” for starring in the film.

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