Poonam Pandey says she started the controversy when she could not find a job Internet series

Poonam Pandey is set to appear on the reality show Lock Up. In the promo of the show Poonam claims to have been accused of being ‘hot and very annoying’. The actor has now said that people value him for his controversies without knowing anything about his personal life. He admitted he had done wrong and expressed a desire to put a stamp on his work instead of controversy. read more: Working with Raj Kundra is the biggest mistake of his life: ‘These people are cheating people’ says Poonam Pandey.

Last year, Poonam made headlines accusing her husband Sam Bombay of domestic violence. He was recently named in a porn fraud case involving Raj Kundra. He and his accomplices are accused of fraud, theft and leak of his phone numbers.

Poonam admits to making the wrong decisions, but says she realizes the importance of achieving success through work. He told ETimes in an interview, “I admit I made controversy because I could not find a job. I wanted to come out and work. Because I was so young and naive that whoever told me to do this or that would benefit your business, I blindly followed that. I later realized that the results were wrong, that if I wanted to succeed in life, if I worked hard, I would get more work. I will do the work) ”

Poonam made her film debut in 2013 with Nasha. He played a teacher who had sex with one of his students. Poonam said the phase after the film was tough, “No matter what offers came to me after the film, those around me started misleading me and told me not to take this project. I would tell them that I love acting, working, and filming. I would tell them I was a good dancer, actor, I wanted to show it, but I was misled into making the wrong decisions.

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