Pixar’s Lightyear is said to have recovered the same-sex kiss after a setback over claims that homosexuality censors love in Disney movies

The scene featuring a gay kiss cut from Pixar’s upcoming light year is said to have been restored. According to reports, Disney’s executives – Pixar’s parent company – cut the scene early after it was considered unsuitable for an animated film. However, following the backlash over how Disney handled Florida’s controversial ‘Don’t Say It’ bill, the scene has now been restored. Recently, Pixar employees routinely told Disney executives to censor LGBTQ content in their films. (read more: Picture staff say Disney censors LGBTQ romance in its films: ‘Every moment of outspoken gay affection is cut off’)

Featuring the voices of Lightyear, Chris Evans, Taika Waittidy and James Brolin, it is a spin-off of Pixar’s successful Toy Story rights, and serves as the source story for the popular character Buzz Lightyear. Angus MacLane Director is set to release on June 17th.

According to a report in Variety, one of the characters in the film, Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba), is shown to be in the same sex. A kiss between him and his partner was previously edited from the film. But after staff’s recent buzz about censoring LGBTQ affection for Disney movies, reports say that Kiss was reunited with the film last week.

The recently passed ‘Say No to Homosexuality’ bill seeks to stifle discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in “kindergarten up to grade 3 or in line with state standards for students age-appropriate or developmental.” Critics have argued that this will not only increase the stigma surrounding LGBTQ identity, but will also stifle awareness of community issues. Disney’s response to the bill has been met with criticism when the company’s CEO Bob Sobeck was reluctant to criticize it. In response, the chief signed a letter from the staff of LGBTQIA + Pixar and their associates stating that “every moment of obviously gay affection (from Pixar films) is cut at Disney’s command”.

Picture Studio was founded in 1979 to produce major films such as Toy Story, Up, Finding Nemo and Soul. Disney bought it in 2006 for over $ 7.4 billion. Since then, it has operated as a subsidiary of Disney. In 2020, a short film about homosexual love was released. This is the studio’s first project to focus on the LGBTQ character.

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