Pia Bajpiee: Whether a series is set in rural or urban areas, people are shown abusing, having sex or drinking | Internet series

Actress Pia Bajpi has decided not to host web shows to attract attention and she is content to sit at home and wait for the right opportunity. Excessive sex scenes are said to be the reason for this action.

“Three or four years from now I want to do something that I do not feel guilty or embarrassed about. When I choose a project, I think about how my family will react when they see me on screen. , ”He says.

The 28-year-old continues, “Falt ka exposes unnecessary indecency there. I can not [dry] Humping and all for the camera. Mujhse nahi hoga, just expression hi nahi ayange. Whether the show is set in the countryside or urban setting of Uttar Pradesh, people are always shown abusing, having sex or drinking.

The Lal Rang (2016) and Mirza Juliet (2017) The actor, who has worked in Tamil and Telugu films, states that he is not opposed to “appearing in sexy photo shoots or films” because “we have a censor board” and they will “take care of it”. But on the internet, “no one”.

BJP says she knows people will blame her for saying this, but she says, “I do not care. If I do not take a stand for myself, I wonder what they will do to us.

Some web shows are true to the storytelling process, but the actor also feels that they are rare inventions.

“Because a lot of content is coming out. Everyone is creating an internet show of something. Qut Banade Hain, Qut Success Party Karte, Samne Wale Ko Bada Bi Nahi Salta Ke Yeh Kab Aaya Aur Kab Sala Sala Gaya. I do not mind doing projects like this. Many have told me to do some web shows but I love my house and do not mind sitting in my seat, ”concludes the actor, who is busy with his upcoming project. Lost.

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