PDS ‘Jim reveals after looking at Rachel McAdams’ The Notebook for the 7th time: ‘I cried for a while’

A few days after he was discharged from the hospital after his bowel surgery, after a Covit-19 negative test, BTS member Jim watched a lot of his Tuesday night movies. Jim, who took the fan to the community forum Weverse, expressed his frustration at looking at The Notebook for the seventh time.

Jims of BTS shared a screen shot while watching the 2004 romantic drama. Directed by Nick Cassavetes, the film stars Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Earlier, Jim had said he was attracted to Rachel. On Wednesday, he said he would watch Jim’s 2016 war thriller Alli for the third time. Directed by Robert Gemekis, the film stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.

Translated by Twitter user btstranslation7, Jimin shared a screenshot of a scene from The Notebook and wrote, “(I see) the seventh time notebook .. hey.” Then in another post he wrote “I want to see another movie”.

Commenting on his own post, Jimin said, “There’s this movie called Allied. This is the third time I’ve seen it. His last comment was, “I’m a little sorry for waking you all up this time (with the announcement), but it’s fun! Sleep well.” Jim’s last comment at 7 p.m.

Jimin shared posts on Weverse.
Jimin shared posts on Weverse.

Responding to his posts, the BTS fan army urged him to sleep as he needed rest. Many praised him and his film choices, calling him a romantic.

A Twitter user wrote, “The Notebook and Allied – both romantic drama films made in the 1940s … he seems to like these kinds of films.” “He’s so romantic, I love him,” another fan tweeted.

One fan wrote, “Why is he up? He needs to rest.” “He’s probably going to bed at 7am and you know how Jim is,” another person replied. “Why isn’t the baby sleeping yet ??” Asked one fan. “He needs sleep OMG,” one person insisted. “Haha no sleep baby,” said another fan.

One fan responded to Jimin’s apology, saying, “Sleep well, Jimini! I do not think anyone will regret receiving an announcement from you at any time. I’m glad he was fun and relaxed.” Are you sending movie nominations at 4am ?? ” Said one person. “I love the notebook and I want someone to see it for the 7th time,” one fan tweeted.

Jim underwent surgery on January 31 and was discharged on February 5. BTS’s agency Big Hit Music has shared a report on Jim’s health with ARMY on Weverse.

Read also | Jimin of BTS shared the first post after being discharged from the hospital after inflammatory bowel surgery and tested positive for Kovit-19.

On the afternoon of January 30, Jim had a sudden abdominal pain with a mild sore throat. He went to the hospital’s emergency department for a thorough examination and underwent a PCR test. Jimenez was diagnosed with acute inflammatory bowel disease and tested positive for Govit-19. He underwent surgery on Monday morning, January 31, following the doctor’s advice. Jim was the fourth member to be diagnosed with Govit-19 disease. Previously, BDS members RM, Jin and Suka were also infected with the virus.

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