Pawan Malhotra: Unnecessary explosives are sometimes used in OTT | Internet series

OTTs have revolutionized entertainment in the country in more ways than one, but Pawan Malhotra believes that even on this platform there are problems with brushing teeth.

Speaking of formulas in OTTs, Malhotra is the one who did the projects Grahan And தப்பார், Says, “It is said that we need 6 songs in films. Sex scenes on OTT are like doing dolls. OTT faces the problem of brushing teeth. This is the neutrality between movies and television.

He further explains, “But Kabi Kabi Khali Kuch Siada Hoti Hai unnecessarily. I also find it embarrassing to use some extensions that are completely unnecessary in a particular scene. I’m not saying empty call nahi ho sakti hai, but you can not just sell your content. You can not create content that will stimulate the eyelids.

Malhotra believes the new media was a welcome change for actors like himself.

“But the timing is good. Now another window has opened for more people. More people have the opportunity to get jobs. When you create long format content equal to three films, you can easily express your characters. It inspires me to do better, ”he explains.

He has also been doing back-to-back jobs in OTTs. How has his life changed after two highly rated series last year?

“It’s good, but success and glory blossom in my life Saleem Londe Bay Mat Ro (1989), then Good Friday (2004), then Jab We Med (2007)… But then Sub Tanda Ho Jata Hai. The thing here is, you have to have a very strong PR machine. So that’s the problem. Now if you say Pawan Malhotra, who is he? They will only remember if I tell them the films I starred in. A director friend of mine tells me that the audience will know you by your characters. But I want them to know Pawan Malhotra too, ”he concludes.

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