Pawan Kalyan, waving his hand from the roof of the car, fell down as the fan tried to hug him. Watch the video

Actor Pawan Kalyan, who was in Narasapuram for his Janasena party related work on Sunday, escaped shortly after when he almost slipped from the car as a fan tried to hug him.

In a video posted on social media, Pawan can be seen standing on the roof of his car shaking a crowd of people as a fan came out of nowhere and tried to hug him, as a result of which the actor lost his balance and fell down. Roof.

Looking at the video, Pawan Kalyan was not injured and he got up immediately. However there is no official information about his injury.

Although the actor was not injured, many fans on social media criticized the incident as ‘disturbing’ and noted that the actor could have been seriously injured very easily. One fan wrote: “Oops. Fortunately he did not fall down or sic in the car.

Fans of the actor criticized the person who caused the fall, saying people should respect the boundaries of celebrities and pay attention to their personal space. One fan wrote in Telugu that we should protect him but not hurt him.

A few days ago, a viral video saw the actor getting his signature lungi step when he got in his car. On social media sites, fans of the actor shared the clip. In the video, Pawan can be seen walking towards his car on the set of one of his upcoming projects.

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Pawan is waiting for the release of the Telugu film Bhimala Nayak, which will be released worldwide on February 25. The film is a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Ayyappan and Koshy.

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