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The first shot of Pam & Tommy makes you anxious because it shows the entertainment of an iconic TV moment, starring two iconic figures or actors. The scene repeats what talk show host Jay Leno asked Pamela Anderson in a bad exchange about her ‘tape’. And it’s hard not to realize that this is a little parody. But luckily Bam & Tommy overcame it quickly.

The show is about the infamous sex tape scandal involving 90s celebrity Pamela Anderson and her rock star drummer husband Tommy Lee. But it is about two men who find the tape after a robbery and believe they landed in a gold mine. One may wonder if there is anything ‘untold’ about what was the most popular sex tape scandal of the time. But for the Indian audience, there is a lot.

Pam & Tommy is the parody of a show. It’s a feminist show that puts Pamela at the center of its story, but it also feels exploitative. Many times, Pamela Anderson can be seen struggling with preconceived notions in a man’s world. The show does a great job of humanizing her and correctly positioning her as a victim of corruption. But, you know that she never gave blessings to that show and I feel like feminism is all about suddenly expressing posture.

The storytelling will be simple even if you jump back and forth over time. Product values ​​are elegant and performance is excellent. This show makes you anxious from time to time but that seems to be the purpose here. But tone is the problem. It jumps from comedy to ridiculous thriller, and sometimes it’s hard to take it seriously.

In the second episode, I also have a bizarre scene where I sit in all the Lars von Trier movies. Sebastian’s Tommy Lee talks about how much he loves the snake with his own penis. No matter how fun it is, it’s a mental picture I want to clear from my head.

The show is entertaining. There is no doubt about it, but its fault lies in its position. Not sure what it should be. Is this a ridiculous joke about star status? Is this the story of Pamela’s exploitation? Is it a thriller about sleepless nights or a mish-mash of slanderous things that happened 25 years ago?

But the show is not bad. Its real strength lies in its acting, makeup and hair. Lily James shines as Pamela Anderson. The actors have played Marilyn Monroe many times, but I would say Pamela is a tough character. That’s because he’s more in the public domain and relatively recent. Lily had to rely on makeup and makeup to get into Bam’s hourglass figure, but she did well. For one, she speaks volumes about Pamela’s self-confidence and her unique gruff voice. She also puts in front of Pamela’s vulnerability and her frustration at being in a difficult situation with no way out. This is Lily’s best performance to date.

Sebastian Stan and Lily James have perfectly re-created the real Palm and Tommy.
Sebastian Stan and Lily James have perfectly re-created the real Palm and Tommy.

You will forget that Sebastian Stan was the same incubator man because he was so far away from the Winter Soldier. He often wears underwear and captures every frame he has. He makes us uncomfortable and loves Him at the same time. He really sells the character. At the heart of his chemistry show with Lily and they are able to reliably portray a complex couple in the midst of a turbulent relationship. The scenes where they are together are the best part of the show.

Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier is the perfect image for Sebastian as the ‘victim’ to Tommy Lee’s fairy tales, he feels exactly what he needs to be harmed. Turning him into a character who can relate to justify the sex tape leak is a dangerous path, but the creators of the show have handled it as emotionally as possible. As always, Nick Offerman is smart. The character of porn producer Milton Ingley never looks like a caricature.

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But despite all its subtle, feminist episodes, when you learn the story behind it, Pam & Tommy seem to exploit. The show is based on the 2014 Rolling Stone article on the episode, but was not created with Pamela’s approval. 25 years later, it feels like another invasion of her privacy.

The first three episodes of the Hulu Original Palm & Tommy premiered in Hulu, USA on Wednesday, February 2, and began streaming on Friday, February 4 in India on Disney + Hotstar. The remaining five episodes will be released weekly on Hulu starting next week. Available on Disney + Hotstar in India.

Series: Pam & Tommy

Created by: Robert Seagull

actors: Lily James, Sebastian Stan, Nick Offerman, Seth Rogan

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