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Actor Sanand Verma, who has made a name for himself by enjoying all media like Bobby Ji Kar Bar Hain !, Mardani to Sacred Games, TV, movies and OTT, admits that he has one of the best of them all.

“Cinema is very satisfying for any actor because it is the biggest platform to be a part of. Storytellers are something you can really feel bigger than the life you want to create for the audience. Therefore, movies can be the most important and satisfying experience for any artist. Seeing you on the big screen is a different, happier feeling, ”he says.

At one time character actors were important enough in movies but were not noticed enough. Verma also feels that things have changed with the likes of Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Sanjay Mishra, Rajpal Yadav and Manoj Joshi.

“Character actors have always been very important, but now they are in the light because the way the story is told has changed and things are now more focused on the characters. Now the script is the hero. This much-needed change took place after the advent of OTT, which really expanded the scope for character actors. Now the storytelling style is now driven by the character and we are lucky that each character is highlighted, ”he adds.

Verma is making his acting debut in filmmaker Madhur Bandarkar’s India Lockdown. “I play the adversary in one of four stories based on the life of a sex worker. It was a very exciting and proud moment for me to play such an important role in Madhur Saree’s film. He is a great man and has a captivating sense of humor. Not many people know that he is good at mimicry. He would mimic many Bollywood actors during our filming and make us laugh. I’m grateful that he thought I could play the Tipu character. India Lockdown is a lockdown imposed on India due to Govt 19. It’s an emotional, funny and wonderful human drama, the brand of Madhur Saree, ”he shares.

As an actor, the actor plays roles that are the opposite of his true personality. “Also, if I play them believably and the audience accepts my acting, that’s my biggest kick,” he says.

For the actor, reaching this stage in his life is not an easy journey. “I struggled to meet my need. I always wanted to be an actor, but besides acting I had to do other work to survive. I started in Mardani (2014), but after that I became a TV star because I didn’t get movie opportunities. Bobby G was a big hit and my character became popular. Now, I am finally happy to be back in good films, ”says the actor, who has directed films like Raid (2018), Badakka (2018), Chichor (2019), Ram Singh Charlie (2020) and Rath Baki Hai (2021). , Hum Do Hamre Do (2021) and Helmet (2021). The entertainment industry has suffered for the past two years, especially Bollywood. Thanks to OTT, things are better. OTT is a life saver. Also, there are many actors who were out of work, but they are busy now. I think Images and OTT work together. Movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home have grossed over $ 1 billion at the box office, so I don’t think OTT is a threat to cinema, ”he concludes.

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