Oscars 2022: Twitter scares in ‘junk’ version that we will not talk about Bruno, fans ask ‘What is it?’ | Hollywood

At the Oscars 2022: Twitter rioted at the ceremony after seeing a ‘remix’ version of their favorite We Don’t Talk About Bruno song.

Academy Awards Disney’s megahit, Twitter is not happy that we chose not to talk about Bruno. The best animated feature winner was a huge hit with a section of Encondo fans, but the version shown during the ceremony could not win many hearts.

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Performance began on a promising note. Many of Enkondo’s actors, including lead vocalist Stephanie Beatrice, sang the song from the audience’s seating area. Everyone took turns singing their parts, and it was almost perfect. That was until singer Megan jumped through the rap about the popularity of the song. Soon, Louis Fonseca also joined.

Fans are not so excited about the changes made to their favorite song. “This Oscar show alone can somehow make the slam dunk show we’re not talking about Bruno weird and confusing,” one wrote. “All the hype for We Don’t Talk About Bruno’s first live show … is it …? This is not even a real song, ”complained another fan.

“It’s ugly that we did not talk about Bruno at the Oscars. We do not like it, we want the original,” wrote another. Flower. I was really looking forward to it, ”a fan tweeted. “It was incredibly disappointing that we did not talk about Bruno’s performance. In fact, no one listened to Fonseca, Becky G or Megan the Stallion. The song was only good with the original cast,” one fan wrote.

We are not talking about Bruno, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who was nominated for Best Original Song for Das Oruquitas from Encondo.

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