Nithu Chandra Two more Hollywood movies: Three billion world Indians should be proud of me | Hollywood

The actor says he turned down Hollywood offers to represent Indians; She also talks about Indian actors blinking and appearing in Miss-It roles in international projects.

Actor Nithu Chandra made his Hollywood film debut last year with the film Never Back Down: Revolt. A female protagonist in the film, she could be seen engaging in high-octane battle scenes. He is currently in Los Angeles, USA, where he is being managed by the late actor Irfan’s team and has two more Hollywood projects. He also insists that areas that do not represent Indians should be played in a curved manner.

He tells us, “I have rejected two projects which Indians are not represented in a very positive light. I do not want to do anything to tarnish our identity. I want three billion world Indians to be proud of me.

Indian actors, who have been a part of Hollywood projects for the past few years, have often been trolled for their blink of an eye and the look you missed. Commenting on this, Chandra said, “There are two or five minute acting films. But they were hugely publicized and advertised, and made some big promise to the audience. We Indians were so emotional that we were disappointed to see those pictures.

But the 37-year-old actress wants to change that with her preferences: “I hear interviews that Indian actors say they are happy to be a small part of a project, but I am so proud to be one. The main characters in a commercial Hollywood movie.

To focus on her business in the West, Chandra has bought a house in LA and plans to buy a house in London, UK. “I want to work in all the languages ​​of the world. I also did a Greek film (Black 12; 2016) where I did a lot of work,” she adds. We are, and I believe we can achieve whatever we aim for.

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