Nitesh Tiwari is shooting for his next film in Lucknow, Bollywood

Chichor And Gold Director Nitesh Tiwari will be shooting for his next film in Lucknow. A nationally acclaimed filmmaker, he was with his crew for a rehearsal in the state capital, and they are expected to be here by the end of March to begin shooting for his next film.

The untitled film stars Varun Dhawan and revolves around the leading female names of several actors. While the crew plans to shoot some scenes in Kanpur, they plan to shoot in the city for almost 30 days.

A source close to the unit said, “The group has been here for four days and we have closed the entire city and eventually the seats are locked. In some large houses the main shooting locations have become zero, and there are many scenes that are filmed in different locations.

Nitesh Tiwari in the fox area in Lucknow.  (HT photo)
Nitesh Tiwari in the fox area in Lucknow. (HT photo)

Tiwari and his team made several rounds around a house in the Narhi area, where they apparently decided on a house near the Society Park. Interestingly, Nitish’s wife and director Aswini Iyer Tiwari also shot the blockbuster film. Bareilly Ki Parfi (2017) in the same area, near the house they found, says a local. He was also the co-writer on the film and has written the story-screenplay and script for all of his projects so far. Retail Party And Bhutnath returns.

Now that the Uttar Pradesh elections have reached the final stage, filming has resumed in Lucknow as the results are to be announced on March 10. Anil Sharma makes his debut in the film Kather-2 It was followed by Suraj Barjatya உஞ்சாய் Except for other projects. Filming has been declining since the beginning of 2022 due to the election and the third wave of epidemics, which is now expected to accelerate.

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