Nishant Bhatt responds to Tejaswi Prakash’s Bigg Boss 15 win by saying that Pratik Sehajpal should have ‘won the show’

On Sunday, the reality TV show Bigg Boss 15 ended this season with actor Tejaswi Prakash winning the grand prize. However, many fans and celebrities have criticized his success, saying that second-place finisher Pratik Sehajpal is the most deserving winner.

In a recent conversation, choreographer Nishanth Butt, who has topped the top five this season, has given weight to that claim. Nishant said that he thought Pratik should have won the show, but he had no problem with Tejaswi winning if the audience decided.

Speaking to the Times of India, Nishant said, “Everyone has different journeys. If the audience had chosen Tejaswi, so be it. If you ask me, personally, I think Pratik Sehajpal should have won the show, but Tejaswi is also my friend, so that’s okay.

Nishanth surprised many by reaching the top five in Big Boss 15. Despite being a strong competitor, many did not expect him to win because he had more fans than other competitors. However, Nishant overcame those contradictions. But in the end, he chose not to risk it all and left with the suitcase 10 lakhs, chose to opt out of the show.

Speaking about his decision, he said he did not regret it. “Anyway I never thought I would get this far, so I was happy to go with the cash box. Even during last year’s Big Boss OTT edition, I did not think I would be the first runner-up. My best, Jeet Ki Baat Baat Mein Aati Hai (talk about success) I hope that will come later, “he said.

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Nishant was the first-runner-up in the Bigg Boss OTT that was streamed before the 15th season of Bigg Boss last year. He got the Big Boss ticket only when he stood on the show. Nishant started his career as a choreographer in Jalak Dikla Jaw in 2013 and has since worked in several dance based reality shows.

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